Club Forms


Below is a list of forms available for download.  Simply click on the form name in the left column to view and you can save or print the form.
Club Officer Change FormUse this form to change officer or officer information.

Commercial Sponsorship Form

Use this form to add a new commercial sponsor.  Commercial membership is for 12 months. Clubs need to renew the sponsors yearly.

New Member Form

Use this form to add a new member if you're submitting paper rosters or electronically via email.

KAOS Youth Rep Application

If your county has a youth that is interested in joining the AWSC Youth Program, please have them submit this form. This form is also found on the tab KAOS on the AWSC home page. 

Club Event Form

Please use this form to submit club events to be posted on AWSC website and/or WSN. It is not necessary to use this form to submit your calendar item; emails are welcomed and encouraged as long as all pertinent information is included. Please do NOT send your event flyer in lieu of the information requested in this form.

2023-2024 WSN Club News Submissions

Please use this form as a guideline when submitting your club news for publishing in Wisconsin Snowmobile News.

2023-2024 WSN Deadlines and Definitions

Please refer to this listing for submission deadlines and definitions to WSN.

AWSC Sponsors

Please patronize our 1,200+ commercial sponsors. For a listing by county, please click here.

Join A Club Now

Looking to join a snowmobile club? We have  a complete list of clubs by county. Simply click on the county.