Miss Snowflake

Each year at the AWSC Workshop (which is held in the fall, Oct or Nov) a Miss Snowflake Queen is selected to represent the Association at various events throughout the state during her one year reign.  A pageant is held for young women between the ages of 16 and 21.  The winner will receive a $1,500 scholarship to help further her education at the end of her reign.

Miss Snowflake information for 2021-2022:

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Due to COVID-19, Tia has graciously accepted the role as the 2020-2021 Miss Snowflake. The Executive Board has decided to have Tia continue as the Miss Snowflake for this season because of the experiences she lost out on last year. Tia was unable to experience truly what a Miss Snowflake does at club events, pot lucks, and so on. For these reasons, Tia will serve as our 2020-2021 Miss Snowflake. Please contact Tia at misssnowflake1920@gmail.com to schedule any events you would like her to attend.

Miss Snowflake Schedule

Congratulations to Tia Fuchs - our 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Miss Snowflake:


From Miss Snowflake:

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tia and I will be the 2019-2020 Miss Snowflake.

I've been apart of the snowmobile community for as long as I can remember. I am so excited for this coming year. I can't wait to explore every opportunity that I am given.

I'd like to thank the supporters. Donahue Super Sports, DSG Outerwear, K+M in Hancock, Floe International, 1330 Wraps, Tyler's Backcountry, and Unique Signs and Designs. Thank you for always supporting the Miss Snowflake pageant. Thank you Randy for always doing a fantastic job with the Miss Snowflake pageant.

My email is misssnowflake1920@gmail.com please contact this email with events you'd like me to attend and any questions you have.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who is a part of the AWSC, my family, and my friends, especially KAOS. Everyone has really helped me grow and be able to do this. If you knew me before, you know this wasn't possible when I first started my journey with KAOS. I'm really excited to see where Miss Snowflake takes me this year and I can't wait to represent the AWSC.

Congratulations Tia!

REMEMBER: To schedule Miss Snowflake for your Club Event, please email her at misssnowflake1920@gmail.com